The Crimson Field

The_Crimson_Field_castThe Crimson Field

Episode 1: Ring Around the Roses, a Teacup Full of Toeses
Four nurses–Prissy, Perky, Bitchy, and Rebel–arrive at a field hospital at the Western Front and aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms

Episode 2: Trouble and Strife
A wounded officer’s snobby wife makes life difficult. Rosalie and Flora experience something of a trial by fire–guess who copes the best?

Episode 3: What’s Your Secret?
Tom’s lower-class background provides rich fodder for another incompetent upper-class douchebag; Foley and Joan both have deep, dark secrets that take people no time at all to figure out; and an Irish sergeant struggles to control his hotheaded young protege

Episode 4: Grand Mal
We get Catherine’s full story when her creepy husband shows up, Joan gets blackmailed, Quayle gets busted, and Flora gets her first kiss

Episode 5: Boulogne’s Got Talent
A Major in charge of a Punjabi regiment makes himself an enormous pain in the ass and helps reveal Grace’s past romance with an Indian officer, Flora plans a concert, and Joan is briefly reunited with her fiance

Episode 6: I’m a Nurse
Joan is interrogated, Foley gives his little brother a helping hand, Catherine goes around judging everyone for being judgmental, and Quayle returns

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