New Worlds

3cd8a3ba-9c85-47d7-89b4-9c3800e42781_625x352New Worlds

Episode 1: What the Hell?
In England, an outlaw kidnaps a teenage aristocrat who predictably falls for him, for reasons none of us will understand, while in the fledgling American colonies agents of Charles II track down a regicide being helped out by another pair of lovebirds we don’t care about

Episode 2: Love and Death
Angelica’s husband is tricked into incriminating himself while Beth runs around playing at being a terrorist, declaring her love for Abe, and getting her mother executed

Episode 3: Going Native
Beth is shipwrecked and finds a new guy to run around in the woods with; Ned realises his father’s kind of a dick

Episode 4: All’s Well That Ends Well (For Beth)
Ned tries to start the American Revolution about 100 years early, Beth returns home, and Abe goes back to being a healer

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