To Kill a Fiji Bird
A young woman washes up on the shores of the strangest place on earth, marries the weirdo reverend, meets his psycho housekeeper, and finds herself in the shadow of the reverend’s perfect first wife, Arabelle

Mother Issues
Helene adopts a mother dog that Edmond hates; Dorothy conspires (successfully) to kill Matilda. And there’s something strange between Jeff and Edmond

Baby Blues
Edmond and Helene have one year to have a kid or Edmond loses everything. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have a clue how to get this done

I Want You, I Need You, Oh Baby, Oh Baby
Helene and Doc Fogarty finally get it on. The freak show comes to town, giving Dorothy a chance to track down the hunchback Helene though she’d killed.

Mmm, Snout Muffins!
The hunchback shows up to claim Helene, whom he says is his wife, though only she and Dorothy know about the connection. Helene wants to run away with Fogarty, but just before they flee, Hester gets wind of their affair and lies that she’s dying, so Helene breaks up with Fogarty instead. Which will probably make it awkward when he comes to attend her impending birth, won’t it?

Compromising Positions
Fogarty falls sharply down the alcoholic well, just as his wife tries out some pretty awful seduction methods. Edmond and Jeff finally consummate their relationship, which does not go well for Jeff, as you might imagine.

I’m My Own Grandpa
Woah. Ok, Helene goes into labour, which unearths a whole lot of histories that basically boil down to this: everyone’s related. Except her.

Hunderby Special

One Big, Happy Family
Edmund’s better, but still at Dorothy’s mercy, the new pastor is determined to root out local homosexuals, and Foggerty and Hester aren’t brother and sister after all, which means their marriage remains valid

Well, That Went Downhill Fast
What the hell happened here? The show I loved for being a smart satire slid entirely into the realm of gross toilet gags the likes of which 14-year-old boys find funny. Julia Davis, you disappoint me.

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