Tommy and Elizabeth love each other, but apparently sex is a hanging offense in Australian penal colonies, so that’s bad. Also dealing with bad things is Tommy’s pal James, who deigns to stick up for a woman and winds up getting his food nicked by the camp bully

Where the Bodies are Buried
Tommy and James finally take care of the Marston situation, Ross helps himself to another soldier’s girl, Mrs J gets a shock from Anne, and Philip tries to reassure everyone that England does actually care

Stand Your Ground
Elizabeth’s pregnant, yay! Marston’s body is found, boo! Timmons kicks Buckley’s ass, yay! Buckley reveals actual depth and character development, yay! Ross pursues Kitty all the way to a suicide attempt, boo! James escapes into the woods, pursued by soldiers…yaboo?

The Hangman
Major Ross makes a deal with Kitty–no sex, he just wants to talk–which doesn’t go over too well with Macdonald. James’s bid for freedom doesn’t work out, but he does get a job offer when he returns to camp

Dead Man Walking
James can’t explain why he’s still alive, so the others assume he’s a snitch and Tommy proceeds to waterboard him. After falsely confessing to being a grass, James and Tommy make up and unwisely go clean out some soldiers at a rigged card game. It does not end well.

Tommy beats the living shit out of Buckley, earning himself another death sentence

Tommy’s hanging is an even bleaker affair than expected




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