peaky_blinders_titlePeaky Blinders

Episode 1: Crazy Stupid
Tommy accidentally steals some major weapons instead of the motorcycles he meant to pinch (who hasn’t been there, right?), bringing an Irish inspector and his undercover agent into town to look for them.

Episode 2: Let’s Make a Deal
Tommy wheels and deals his way across the city, striking bargains with gypsies, Grace, Campbell, Freddie, and Billy Kimber

Episode 3: Off to the Races
Tommy’s got more people after those guns than he knows what to do with, but he’s closer to striking a deal with Billy Kimber. Grace is a terrible spy who very nearly gets pimped out.

Episode 4: It’s Personal
The Shelbys make peace with the Lees the old fashioned way–by arranging a marriage, Ada gives birth, and Campbell tightens the noose around Freddie

poster_wweWorld Without End

Episode 1: Back to Kingsbridge!
A knight shows up in Kingsbridge, asking to become a monk and naming Queen Isabella as his patron; a jerky new lord ousts the Earl of Shiring (of course) and ruins his family, and Caris Wooler finds herself down one parent

Episode 2: Nothing’s Certain but Death and Taxes
Isabella stupidly decides to punish the town by taxing it to death, which upsets the townspeople for all of about five minutes before they’re distracted by one speech and the prospect of hanging a witch. These people are idiots.

Episode 3: Election
Godwyn lies, cheats, and blackmails his way into the position of prior

Episode 4: Nunsense
Godwyn keeps cheating the convent, and then decides to get Caris executed on witchcraft charges. But she and Cecilia do an end-run around him by making Caris a nun instead.

Episode 5: Into Hell
Godwyn screws over the convent yet again, so Cecilia ends up having to send poor Caris into a war zone

Episode 6: Plague
The Black Death comes to Kingsbridge

Episode 7: Best Laid Plans
Petranilla plots to make Ralph Earl of Shiring and Godwyn the bishop, while both Edward and Philippa get terrible news

Episode 8: The Battle for Kingsbridge
Thomas reveals his big secret, Edward brings a battle right to Kingsbridge, and more people die

Rebecca-Ferguson-in-THE-WHITE-QUEEN-600x400The White Queen

Episode 1: Social Climbing
Elizabeth Woodville’s so hot, the new king can’t help himself and defies his powerful friends and family in order to marry her

Episode 2: Dumb and Dumber
Elizabeth and her family commence curb stomping Warwick, until he finally starts to seriously fight back; Lady Margaret Beaufort starts bringing the crazy hardcore

Episode 3: Are You There, God?
Edward welcomes Warwick back with open arms and lots of favours, so naturally Warwick goes back to plotting against him. Unfortunately, it goes badly for him, so he flees to France, dragging along his heavily pregnant daughter, who goes into labour in the middle of an Elizabeth-magicked superstorm.

Episode 4: Flip-Flopper
Warwick just loses his mind and decides to ally with his former mortal enemy, Margaret of Anjou, and undo all the work he did putting Edward on the throne. His latest attack sends Edward fleeing to France and Elizabeth fleeing to the sanctuary of Westminster Abbey, where she finally births a son.

Episode 5: Queens Militant
The ladies start asserting themselves, which means some stuff actually gets done. Margaret of Anjou finally begins her invasion, Anne becomes sort of badass, and Margaret Beaufort suffers some actual losses

Episode 6: Life and Death
Elizabeth proves her pettiness and nastiness know no bounds; Anne discovers she’s a virtual prisoner of the Yorks; and Jacquetta shuffles off the mortal coil

Episode 7: Brother Against Brother
George’s crazy drags his wife down into a deep pit of paranoia, and finally even Edward’s fed up with his brother’s antics and has him executed

Episode 8: The Kingmakers
Anne proves the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, and Margaret starts making her move

Episode 9: We All Fall Down
Elizabeth and Margaret get played, big time, which ends up with Margaret under house arrest and Elizabeth acting in bizarre ways, as usual. Richard finds himself suspected of killing his nephews, and Stanley turns out to be one hell of a chessmaster

Episode 10: My Kingdom for a Horse!
Richard loses his son, his wife, and his throne

Parade’s End

Episode 1: Misery Loves Company
Sylvia tricks Christopher into marrying her and they almost immediately start making each other miserable. She runs off with some twit and he falls for a suffragette.

Episode 2: Something to Live For
Sylvia comes home and finds religion, Valentine gets overly romantic about Mrs. D’s affair with Mac, and Chris turns out to be absolutely spot-on about the war.

Episode 3: The Rumour Mill
Chris briefly loses his memory and gets to go home from the Front for a while to recover. Everyone else seemingly loses their minds and starts believing the most absurd things about him and Valentine.

Episode 4: Over There
Sylvia decides to visit Chris in France, even though everyone explicitly tells her to stay away. Unsurprisingly, her selfish behaviour causes more problems than it solves and ultimately gets Chris sent back to the Front.

Episode 5: No More Parades
Chris endures the hell of life at the Front before returning home to a different sort of hell: his wife.


Parts 1-3
We’ve got snotty rich people, entitled middle-class people, and hopeful (and also curiously entitled) poor people, all jamming onto the tragic ship, trailing dramas and emotional baggage but sadly leaving their personalities behind.

Part 4
The ship sinks; some live, some die. Stupid historical mistakes nearly make me rip my hair out.

Great Expectations

Part I
Pip’s recruited by the local crazy lady to entertain her nasty adopted daughter, Estella. He crushes on her a bit, then grows up and comes into a mysterious inheritance.

Part II
Pip hits London and proceeds to screw up just about everything. He also falls in love with Estella, pretty much because the plot says so, and finds out his benefactor isn’t who he thought it was.


Part I
Young Oliver wants more, and when he asks for it, he unwittingly sets forth on a trip through London’s seedy underbelly and more genteel side, while more than a few creepsters try to kill him.

Part II
Oliver gets his happy ending, but absolutely nobody else does

HBO-Films-John-Adams_2778ABE2John Adams

Part I: Join or Die 
Things start heating up fast in 1770s Boston, and John Adams finds himself getting pitched right into the fire.

Part II: Independence
John heads to Philadelphia and sets the colonies on the road to independence

Part III: Don’t Tread on Me
John’s sent to Europe, where he proves just how unsuited he is to the role of diplomat

Part IV: Reunion
John and Abigail reunite and spend a few years at European courts before returning home to their grown children and new estate next to their old farm. Soon after, John’s elected vice president.

Part IV: Unite or Die
John finds out that the office of vice president is totally thankless and only puts him in conflict with Jefferson. But then he gets elected president, so maybe things are looking up.

Part V: Unnecessary War
Turns out, being president kind of sucks too, especially when your own VP and cabinet aren’t supporting you, and your family’s falling apart.

Part VI: Peacefield
John enjoys retirement about as well as you’d expect him to–which is to say, not much at all. He does get to see his son become president, and he buries the hatchet with Jefferson, but he also watches his wife and daughter die, and it’s sad.

SOUTH RIDING (high res)South Riding

Part I: The Schoolmarm Cometh
Sarah Burton arrives in South Riding to be the school’s new headmistress, and immediately puts several noses out of joint.

Part II: So Sorry
Lydia loses her mom, which is a major setback in her education. Sarah and Robert are predictably falling for each other, but he’s still carrying a lot of guilt over his wife’s insanity (caused by him, in a sense).

Part III: Bad Romance
Sarah acts, by turns, like a pathetic, needy Jane Eyre wannabe and like a clueless and condescending cow to Lydia’s family. There’s more nonsense about the council estate, but do any of us really care anymore?

a20791612f32a8a8f293d1_mMildred Pierce

Parts I & II
In Depression-era California, housewife Mildred kicks her husband to the curb and discovers that she actually needs to get a job to have money.

Part III
Mildred opens her restaurant, which is a success, Veda gets more hateful, and Monty starts a rather inappropriate relationship with Mildred’s daughter

Part IV
Mildred finally reaches the end of her rope with Veda and kicks her out of the house. Once on her own, Veda magically becomes a highly talented soprano.

Part V
Mildred hooks back up with Monty, reconciles with Veda, moves to Pasadena, and experiences a spectacular crash-and-burn.

pillarsposterPillars of the Earth

Anarchy, Master Builder





A New Beginning, The Work of Angels

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