Jamestown: Summer Solstice

It’s time for the summer solstice! Except that’s pagan, which is bad, so they’re calling it something else and celebrating with…a bunch of pagan traditions. But there’s dancing and boys hopping over fire, so Mercy’s happy.

Joss, meanwhile, is happy this gives her an opportunity to suck up to Lady Yeardley, who’s organizing the festivities. Lady Yeardley totally knows what Joss is doing, and uses this chance to torture her a little, first by forcing Joss to join her for 5 am prayers, and then by blackmailing her into agreeing to get pregnant with Samuel’s baby. That’s twisted AF, Lady Yeardley.

Silas’s guilt has gotten to him. Or he figures he needs to at least be seen to care whether or not his brother’s alive or dead, so he overrules Alice’s objections and heads off in a canoe to find Henry. Alice gets angry and blames James for all this, instead of laying the blame where it really belongs: with her husband. And Henry. After all, Henry did set off on a fairly reckless expedition, and Silas stood by and watched his brother burn to death and didn’t check to see if he might still be alive, so…

Once she moves slightly past being angry with James, Alice starts to panic over the possibility of Henry returning home before Silas does, and what that might mean for her. Discount Blake Lively tells her she needs to arm herself, so Alice goes to James and demands he make her a blade, for free, nonsensically figuring he owes her. For what, Alice? James refuses to make said blade, because he doesn’t want any part of making Alice a potential murderer.

Alice is soon distracted by the appearance of worms on their tobacco plants. She sends Pepar for help while she tries picking them off by hand. Pepar runs into town and, before you know it, James has rallied everyone and they arrive at the Sharrow plantation, ready to save the crop. I think YOU owe HIM, now, Alice. And yet, for some reason, after all that, James goes ahead and makes her that knife.

Off in the wilderness, Henry and Davy find silver. They whoop it up, then make a pact that neither will return to this spot without the other. That lasts until the next pit stop, when Davy disappears while Henry pees.

And Silas, off in his boat, passes out and falls into the river. Fortunately, he just so happens to do so right next to a friendly native village, and some of the villagers just so happen to be watching him pass and leap in and keep him from drowning. He’s good friends with one of them: Chacrow. I’m guessing Chacrow taught Silas the native language, and in return Silas taught him English (this seems to be the same village Yeardley and the men visited a couple of episodes back.) Silas tells the chief about his mission to find his brother, and Chacrow reports that a neighbouring tribe talked about a man they saved, so Silas is determined to go visit that tribe now. The chief tells him to take Chacrow with him, and then points out that he’s just done Silas a solid here, so maybe Silas can help him out by being his eyes and ears and all-around friend in Jamestown?

Chacrow and Silas head to the neighbouring village, where they find Davy, now returned. Davy only says that he and Henry did take off together, but then they quarreled and parted ways. Davy’s wife is all, ‘the what now?’ but clearly Davy has some kind of plan. Presumably. Chacrow, however, is a bit smarter than Silas and realises something’s up, so he volunteers to go out into the wilds with his friend.

Back in Jamestown, DBL has apparently gone insane. Seriously. She has a minor run-in with Farlowe, who decides to humiliate her by forcing her to pick up the walking stick he deliberately dropped. She retaliates by going to his house and robbing him of some of his finery. She then tries to dress up her husband in said finery, and he’s all, ‘Hey, where’d you–OH MY GOD YOU’RE STEALING!’ She pouts over his reluctance to wear her pilfered finery, but he points out that he could be hanged, and her as well, for appearing in this stuff. He makes her promise to stop stealing, but she goes right on doing it.

It seems that we’re to believe she’s either in some odd fugue state or that we’re dealing with some multiple personalities here. Certainly Meredith sees there’s something very off about her, and he takes her to the doctor, but since the only symptom he can offer is, ‘she’s just acting weird, ok?’ Chris can’t do much to help.

Eventually she finds her way to Joss’s, where Mercy finds her. Mercy later mentions to Joscelyn that DBL was in their house, messing around with some things, and Joss seems to see this as something she can work to her advantage.

Yeardley, meanwhile, is acting pretty squirrely, going around town and trying to find out if anyone else knows about this treasure on his map. He learns that Meredith and Henry Sharrow used to look at some big rock that Meredith has–you know, like you do, in the days before there was any entertainment of any kind. He quizzes Meredith, who gives up no info. Meredith, by the way, has been acting remarkably sober this episode.

The day of the festival arrives, and DBL wanders into the Yeardleys’ house, where she attempts to steal a few things, only to be caught by Lady Y. Lady Y just tells her to leave everything alone and they’ll pretend like this never happened. But then, during the party, the box containing the map disappears and Lady Y goes into full-blown panic mode. She knows that box contains the map her husband graverobbed for. She runs around, trying to find DBL, and when she does, DBL is with Joss, who’s all, ‘Here’s how it’s gonna be: you’re going to leave me alone now, riiiight? You’re going to destroy that letter from your cousin in Oxfordshire, riiiight?’ Lady Y agrees to everything and gets the box back. All is well. Ish.

But then, of course, who should arrive just as night falls but Henry Sharrow, wandering into town like nothing’s happened. Like he didn’t get half his face burned off and disappear for weeks and weeks. Alice tries very hard not to lose her shit. Everyone else tries very hard not to be bummed out that this probably means the end of all the festivities.

Next week: Silver!


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