Happy Father’s Day!

Today, in the US at least, we honor our dads, so I’d like to take a moment to recognize mine (love you, dad!) and raise a glass to all the other dads here on The Armchair Anglophile.

Here’s to Nucky Thompson, cute surrogate dad to Margaret’s two kids (and a definite improvement over their real father)

To Sir Hector, who managed to turn out at least one good son (and the other one wasn’t his blood, so I don’t blame him for that)

To Ned Stark and his adorably bumbling attempts at raising a pair of daughters

To Henry VIII, who did love all of his kids, even as he was jettisoning wives in his neverending quest for sons

To Alexander VI and his unabashed love for all his Borgia offspring

To Hallam, who stepped up to the plate when little Lotte’s mother died, even though his wife objected

To Robert, Earl of Grantham, who totally had Mary’s number

To Jack and Tom, who both made mistakes but tried their best

Today, dads, we salute you!

Happy Father’s Day!

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