Golden Armchair Awards: Best Show and Moments

golden-armchairWhen looking back, I had to say, 2015 was a pretty good year! So good, in fact, that I only had one contender for worst new miniseries or show, which seemed unfair, so that category’s out for the year. But we’ve got plenty more to fill up the space, so get voting and come back in 2016 to see if your favourites won the day!

Two things before we get started.

Yes, there are spoilers here. You have been warned.

For the sake of our friends in the States who have not yet seen the most recent series of Downton Abbey (that is, series 6), we’re dealing exclusively with the previous series, which aired in the UK in autumn 2014 and in the US in the winter of 2015, so please don’t add in votes for things that happened in the most recent series. We’ll hit that one HARD next year.

This next one might need a little explanation.

Fridge Horror: when something becomes terrifying after the fact. Maybe you thought about a plot point a little too hard, and suddenly you realize that everyone was trapped in stasis forever, or that the lovable child will grow up in a world where everyone around her is dead. Fridge Horror comes in two flavors: Frozen-By-Time: As a young one, you are too young to comprehend the Nightmare Fuel right before your eyes, but as an older person, you immediately wonder how you got through it unscarred. Quickthaw: The Nightmare Fuel isn’t there until you take a good, long, deep thought and think about it.

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