DIY Project Yields Tudor Discovery


When most people embark on DIY projects, the most they come across is termite damage or a long-lost tool or something. A couple renovating their historic home in Milverton, Somerset, however, found a bit more: a mural dating back to the 1530s, depicting Henry VIII. Here’s what had to say:

Rhodri and Angie Powell, who live in an old building once used by Thomas Cranmer when Arch-deacon of Taunton, had an unexpected surprise when embarking on a DIY project in their home. While removing panelling and plaster work in the process of redecorating a wall, a large-scale mural dating from the 1530s revealed itself. The painting depicts Henry VIII enthroned. It is a significant find of national historical significance. Specialist conservator Ann Ballatyne said it was the most extraordinary discovery she had experienced in over forty years.

Please excuse me–I have some walls to start ripping apart.

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