The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

If you come to Scotland in August for anything, come for the Military Tattoo. It’s a hell of a show (and since you’re coming here in the first place, I’m going to go ahead and assume you already like bagpipes.) I’m not a night owl–I’m lame, so there are few things that will tempt me from my cozy home at 10:30 at night, and yet, there I … Continue reading The Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Video: Top Ten Animated Costume Dramas

I’ve loved costume dramas my whole life–starting from my childhood, when I would happily watch any cartoon that seemed rooted in the past. Lucky for me, the animation studios churned those out one after the other–but which ones were the best? Here, I count down my choices for the ten best animated costume dramas. (Note: I tried to stick with the dramas that were at … Continue reading Video: Top Ten Animated Costume Dramas

Uptown Downstairs

I loved Downton Abbey, but I love a good parody too, and this sure was a good one. It was done for this year’s Red Nose Day, when people across the UK are urged to “Do something funny for money” in order to raise funds for charities. The country’s best actors and comedians get in on the act too, as you’ll see her. Uptown Downton … Continue reading Uptown Downstairs

Rockin’ Royal Wedding!

I really love T Mobile’s commercials, and I think this one is especially cute, even if it does reference that wedding dance video from last year, which has pretty much been run into the ground. Still, this features some fairly decent lookalikes (except for that girl who, I think, is supposed to be Eugenie) and a lot of fun moments. My favorites are when Charles … Continue reading Rockin’ Royal Wedding!