Big Book News!

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I wrote a novel and someone’s actually publishing it! So, that’s a big thing ticked off my bucket list. I believe I can now die happy. The Book All Stirred Up is a modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, set in the fast-paced, cutthroat world of Edinburgh’s high-end restaurants. If you love delicious dishes and dishy chefs, … Continue reading Big Book News!

Drake and Jackson examine the body of Thomas Gower in season 4 episode 6 of Ripper Street

Ripper Street: No Wolves in Whitechapel

Previously on Ripper Street: Someone (or something) is stalking the streets of Whitechapel, biting the hell out of people and killing them. The police thought it was Isaac Bloom, but since it looks like he/it has struck again, Bloom is now an unlikely candidate.

The body of Thomas Gower is found, and Whitechapel is in an uproar. Miss Goren hears about it and arrives at the scene of the crime to very publicly grieve before being taken back to the orphanage for a steadying drink by Reid. There, she tells him the children still see this ‘Golem’ they’d been talking about, and she shows him pictures the kids have drawn of a wolf-like creature. She also reluctantly tells Reid about Castello’s friendship with Matilda, because she’s a bit concerned about the nature of it.

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Victoria: Long Live the Queen

Olivia Coleman as Victoria at her coronationIn a bid to keep that sweet, sweet Downton Abbey magic going, ITV has once more dipped into the costume drama well. This time, they’re focussing on one of Britain’s most famous monarchs: Queen Victoria. Long-lived, emotionally unstable, obsessive, determined, tough, enormously self-centred–yeah, I think it’s fair to say there’s quite a lot to mine here. And she ruled over Britain during a time of massive social, cultural, and economic change, as the British Empire reached its zenith and other monarchies started to topple. How’d they handle it? Let’s see.

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Ripper Street: The Stranger’s Home, Part 1

Edmund Reid looking at his hatPreviously on Ripper Street: Susan got it into her head to derail a train in order to steal some bonds belonging to her evil father. Unfortunately, she also derailed a passenger train, which crashed almost literally at H Division’s front door, killing more than 50 people and giving us an entire season’s worth of plotlines to explore. Those plotlines led to her (and our Justice League) murdering her father by locking him up in the cell that formerly housed Matilda Reid. So he’s dead, and Susan’s in prison for multiple cases of homicide. She was also pregnant with Jackson’s baby, because these two simply can’t untangle themselves from each other, ever. Rose and Drake finally got together, and Drake was poised to take over H Division, just as soon as Reid could let the place go, already. He finally did, and went off to live idyllically by the seaside with his recently rediscovered daughter.

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Golden Armchair Awards: Best Show and Moments

When looking back, I had to say, 2015 was a pretty good year! So good, in fact, that I only had one contender for worst new miniseries or show, which seemed unfair, so that category’s out for the year. But we’ve got plenty more to fill up the space, so get voting and come back in 2016 to see if your favourites won the day! … Continue reading Golden Armchair Awards: Best Show and Moments

The Great British Bake Off: Don’t They Always Make Desserts?

bakeoff_flora_pipe_3420075bPreviously on the Great British Bake Off: It was bread week, and Ian knocked it out of the park yet again, with Paul’s amazing lion bread sculpture nipping at his heels. Dorret was out, her ‘unmade bed’ sculpture failing to wow Mary in the least.

It’s dessert week, that week that always confuses me, because isn’t almost everything they do on this show a dessert?

Mel and Sue complain about the absolutely shitty weather we had this summer. Seriously, I’m not one to complain about the weather, but it really and truly sucked.

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Banished: Loyalty

8077109-low_res-banishedPreviously on Banished: Elizabeth slept with Buckley so she could get a message to James, and Buckley lost his temper after losing a game of cards and told Tommy all about it. Anne started helping Mrs J deal with her longstanding grief over the stillbirths of all of her children, Ross started making actual emotional inroads with Kitty, and Molloy lied to William about the nature of his Dear John letter.

Buckley hurries back to the soldiers’ tent and immediately starts loading his gun, telling Timmons that he’s afraid Tommy’s going to kill him for sleeping with Elizabeth. Timmons asks for an explanation, and when he gets it, he grabs Buckley’s gun and tells him that he deserves what he’s about to get. Damn, Timmons.

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Call the Midwife: Our Children

70282Previously on Call the Midwife: Sister Evangelina went away to have surgery, Cynthia came back as a nun.

JVO talks about how she could never have been a nun. Cynthia studies and puts on her veil before heading out of her room for the day.

Julienne knocks and enters MJ’s room. MJ’s been sick and complains about her medicines—antibiotics, which she refers to as moulds that are disturbing her sleep. Julienne reminds her that they’re helping and goes to take MJ’s temperature.

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