The Paradise: Death Comes to the Wedding

Previously on The Paradise: Denise quit to go work for her uncle, because she was in love with Moray and he with her. Her uncle ruined everything by being an idiot and a child, and Moray ruined everything by proposing to Katherine.

Under the light of a full moon, something starts to bubble up from under the water of a river as Jonas’s face creepily fades in. In the light of day, Jonas is keeping an eye on Arthur, hard at work in the delivery yard.

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The Paradise: Competition

Previously on The Paradise: Denise decided she was in love with Moray and quit her job. Moray responded by proposing to Katherine.

Kate’s getting ready to do a little shopping. Her dad, in a resigned tone, tells her to enjoy herself.

The owner of the shop next to Lovett’s watches Denise wait on some customers. Once they’re gone, he hisses at her and calls her over. Instead of ignoring his completely rude behavior, she obliges, greeting him as “Mr Chisholm.” He observes that business is brisk and sneeringly refers to her as ‘a girl’. He wonders what their secret is and Denise tells him they’re selling neckties, and he’s welcome to do the same if he wants. He sneers some more and informs her that he is a milliner, an artiste! And he will not lower himself to necktie making. What is it with these guys thinking that everything’s beneath them? Denise tells him they’re adapting to changing times and using the Paradise as a source of traffic and trade rather than blaming it for all their business ills. Lovett comes out and calls Denise back. It’s clear he’s no fan of Chisholm. I doubt anyone is.

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The Paradise: Lovebirds

Previously on The Paradise: For once, one of Denise’s ideas crashed and burned, but it’s ok because she came up with another one that was a fabulous success. Of course. Moray briefly got a new partner who was totally unsuitable, so Jonas did away with him, in a way that still remains a creepy mystery.

The camera pans past cages filled with paired lovebirds, which are all currently sitting in the delivery yard, being admired by Dudley and Denise. Sam comes strolling out and teases Denise for being in love with them. He looks at them and sees delicious pastry and gravy. I like how Sam thinks. Denise admonishes him, reminding him that these birds have come a long way. So? I’ll bet they’re still delicious. Moray joins them and tells Dudley they’ll price the birds super high, so they only sell a few. That’s the crack business mind we’re used to seeing! His idea is to use them as a way to draw people in, rather than actually expecting them to fly out the doors. Dudley gets right on board and suggests the birds have their own counter. Denise heads back inside and Moray checks her out really obviously as she passes. Subtle, Moray. And this from the guy who’s paranoid about being found out making a slip up and cheating on the memory of his dead wife.

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The Paradise: Children’s Hour

Previously on The Paradise: Miss Audrey got sick, which put Denise in charge of ladieswear for a little while. Catherine broke up with Peter, because she apparently only wants what she can’t have.

Catherine sits at her desk, writing a letter she sprays with perfume before folding and sending on its way. Her father sees it going down the stairs in the hands of a manservant, notes that it’s for Moray, and tosses it back at the man with a curt nod for him to go about his business.

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The Paradise: A Pox on Ye!

Previously on The Paradise: A baby was abandoned at the Paradise, giving Moray a particularly repellent method of garnering attention and extra sales. Yay, exploitation of children! It also gave Catherine the opportunity to meet a far better boyfriend.

While setting up the store, the employees discuss their plans for the evening and Clara makes fun of Sam’s dancing. Sam offers to show off how great a dancer he is and actually jumps up on one of the fabric cutting tables to start up a jig that gets every other employee in the place dancing in unison like this is a community theatre production of Brigadoon. Miss A observes from afar and, instead of shutting down this skylarking like I thought she would, sighs that young people never realize youth doesn’t last. Denise, being the arbiter of absolutely everything in the place now, declares Sam a great dancer and Clara, who’s awfully Mary Sunshine these days for someone who apparently just gave up her much-loved kid, agrees. Once Sam’s out of earshot, Pauline admits to Denise that she’s got a crush on him. She wonders how to get him to like her and Clara suggests they go out drinking so Pauline can loosen up. Pauline’s never seemed all that uptight to me, but ok.

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The Paradise: The Paradise Baby

Previously on The Paradise: Sam almost lost his job and Denise came up with a great marketing ploy.

Miss A is desperately trying to come up with ideas of her own, like scattering ugly bouquets of flowers around the place. Oh, Miss A, flowers were so last week. Denise delivers one to Sam’s department, jokes a bit with him and Pauline, and tells them she feels like she could do anything. She says that in about the most smug manner possible, too, and yet they are not offended.

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The Paradise: A Kiss is (Not) Just a Kiss

Previously on The Paradise: Denise arrived in the big city, got a job at The Paradise, and proved to be brilliant.

Late at night, The Paradise is empty, pretty, and orderly. Moray’s in his office, sketching his dead wife, but the sketch is starting to look suspiciously like Denise. He crumples it up and tosses it in the wastebasket.

The next morning, the salespeople rib each other as they get ready. Sam takes his teasing of Pauline a little far for Pauline’s taste, and she gets pouty. Out on the sales floor, Audrey and Moray discuss Moray’s latest attention getter—giving all the ladies who come in a pink corsage.

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The Paradise: Welcome to Paradise

While waiting in line in the post office last week, I happened to glance at the magazines and noticed a bunch of becostumed ladies on the cover of a TV mag. Intrigued, I checked it out: it was a feature on The Paradise, a new costume porn drama starting up on the BBC. When I got home, I checked it out and found out it shared a writer with Lark Rise to Candleford. My guard was up. I tried so hard to like Lark Rise but really, really didn’t. Still, I was willing to give The Paradise a go. After all, I stuck with Parade’s End, didn’t I?

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