Ripper Street: Whitechapel Terminus

Ripper-Street-3-aPreviously on Ripper Street: Drake lost his way after the death of his wife, despite Rose’s attempts to drag him back to the land of the living. Reid started to turn into the worst possible version of himself, Jackson screwed things up so badly with Susan it looks like curtains for them for good, and Susan got her hands on a bad man’s considerable financial holdings.

Man, I am SO stoked to have this show back. Three cheers for fan outrage!

A man limps into a dingy warehouse, joining some thugs who are already there. He introduces himself as ‘railways’. They are ‘guns’. That makes things simpler. Gun 1 tells Railways to tell them what he knows and he shows them a railway map and tells them he’s figured out how to make the train they want to steal go exactly where they want it to. There’s also a little talk about the fact that none of them have met the man who’s actually hiring them for this job.

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Ripper Street: Our Betrayal

Programme Name: Ripper Street - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 8) - Embargoed for publication until: n/a - Picture Shows:  Artherton (DAVID WILMOT), Edmund Reid (MATTHEW MACFADYEN) - (C) Tiger Aspect - Photographer: Steffan HillPreviously on Ripper Street: Jesus, where to begin? Jackson’s no-account brother, Daniel, showed up with a stolen, uncut diamond that Jackson hopes to use to buy his way back into Susan’s affections. She, meanwhile, has finally given in to Duggan’s gross demands and is stuck with the man living in her house. Reid and Cobden consummate their relationship, with Best ickily listening in, because apparently he has nothing better to do than to stalk Reid. Jedediah Shine showed back up to play puppetmaster with Flight, his conflicted little spy, and to strangle a jeweler whom Reid knows personally. Drake, in a spiral of misery after Bella’s death, is self-punishing in a big way, but he returns to Leman Street when he accidentally discovers said jeweler’s body in a pauper’s grave. All that happened in just one episode. We can’t say this show’s not going out with a bang.

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Ripper Street: The Prodigal Returns

ripper-street-our-betrayal-03Previously on Ripper Street: Susan’s landlord started putting the squeeze on her, in the hope of forcing her to sleep with him; Drake’s wife Bella randomly turned out to be a former member of a suicide cult, and she duly did what the cult was meant to do, sending Drake into a hellish spiral of depression.

We begin far from London’s East End, at a diamond mine in Cape Colony, South Africa. Black workers toil while white overseers stand around. One of the overseers, played by David Costabile (fun fact! He recently got married at the place where my mom works! I’m pretty sure she made his wedding cake.) sees something on the ground—presumably an uncut diamond. There’s a brief distraction while one of the overseers breaks a man’s hand for allegedly stealing, and while everyone’s looking the other way, David shoves the rock into his mouth and, with difficulty, swallows it. Later, he locks himself in the privy and, with even more difficulty, recovers it.

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Ripper Street: Father Knows Best

ripper-street-episode-6-06Previously on Ripper Street: Susan told Jackson to get lost, after he gambled and lost most of her money on a land deal in the Argentine, and Drake found marital bliss with one of Susan’s former girls.

Drake’s at a flower stall, buying a bouquet for his wife. The girl selling the flowers tells him the meanings of each of them, and he’s doing pretty well, until he selects yellow tulips, which apparently mean love without hope. He starts to head home, but then spots Rose sitting on the street, looking a little lost, and asks her what happened.

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Ripper Street: Love and Gold

Programme Name: Ripper Street - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 5) - Embargoed for publication until: n/a - Picture Shows:  David (ALFIE STEWART), Vincent (JASSA AHLUWALIA) - (C) Tiger Aspect - Photographer: Steffan HillPreviously on Ripper Street: Susan was getting ickily shaken down by her creep of a landlord, causing a rift between her and Jackson that was not helped by her embracing the teachings of a feminist nutjob, and Drake married a former prostitute.

Two young men play a post coital game of ‘if I could have anything, I’d have X,’ which ends with one of them saying ‘I just want you.’ Aww. It’s not quite as much of a fantasy game as usual, though, because apparently they’re getting ready to blackmail someone named Quint, so they’re expecting a bit of a windfall. One of the guys, David, notes the time and says they should get back to work, but the other one (Vincent) wants more sexy time.

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Ripper Street: Power to the People

Programme Name: Ripper Street - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 3) - Embargoed for publication until: n/a - Picture Shows:  Evelyn Foley (CHARLIE MURPHY), DC Flight (DAMIEN MOLONY) - (C) Tiger Aspect - Photographer: steffan HillPreviously on Ripper Street: Reid met an interesting lady politician and Susan got kidnapped by a complete nutter.

Flyte goes to confession and admits to being a liar. Also, he suddenly seems to have a rather Irish-sounding accent now.

A prisoner is taken in a prison cart through a very Irish-heavy area of London, singing a patriotic Irish song. Why the hell would they transport this guy through this neighbourhood? Surely there was another route the driver could take? And if you’re going to take this guy this way, why not bring some backup along? It’s just the driver, who looks nervous. This is just asking for trouble. Oh, and sure enough, the driver drops off the cart, dead. The prisoner calls for the gathering crowd to free him, and some kid is paid by someone to grab the keys off the driver’s belt and hand them to the prisoner, who escapes from the cart, looks down at the dead driver, and declares that a dead Englishman is a good start. He grabs some clothes from a nearby laundry basket and goes into a back alley to change. While he’s there, someone (presumably the same person who paid off the kid) shows up and offers him more clothes. He greets the man happily.

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