Golden Armchair Awards 2014: The Results

full-of-win2014 has come and gone, and as we start our new year, let’s take a moment to look back on what made the previous one great and what made it teeth-grindingly frustrating. Here are the best and worst of 2014 as voted by you! Thanks to everyone who voted, hope to see you back here at the end of 2015 for more judgment!

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Mr Selfridge: If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free

mr-selfridge-ep-10Previously on Mr Selfridge: Grove inappropriately inserted himself into Mardle’s relationship, in the most offensive way possible; Harry’s daughters and mother came over from America just as Rose was getting some possibly-bad news from her doctor; and Mae and Edwards decided to try and clear Harry’s name.

The Selfridge dinner table is a noisy and lively place, with all the girls plus Mae (where’s Henri? Isn’t he still living at the Selfridge Manse?). Once they’re finished, the kids get ready to scatter, but before they go, Rose reminds them that Thanksgiving is coming up and she wants everyone to gather together for a good old-fashioned meal.

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Mr Selfridge: Partners

MR_SELFRIDGE_EP9_05Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry got back from Berlin and had to clean up all sorts of messes, including mostly clearing Henri’s name, welcoming some terrible Americans to the store, and denying he had anything to do with this stupid procurement scandal. Mae’s left Loxsley, but finds herself on the outs with the Selfridges nonetheless, as does Edwards, and Mardle finally decides to give it a go with Florian.

Mardle wakes early in the morning, in bed with Florian, and tells him he’d better skedaddle before the household wakes up. He’s got an adorable blissed-out look on his face. Go Mardle!

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Mr Selfridge: You Owe Me

mr-selfridge-ep-8-2Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry took a trip to Berlin that was so super-secret that just about everyone was able to find out about it; the store was mired in scandal thanks to Loxsley; and Henri was locked up on charges of theft during his time in America.

Harry, the world’s worst-kept secret agent, arrives home to find the press camped out on his doorstep, shouting questions about this procurement scandal. I hate to be bitchy so early in a recap, but I find it really difficult to believe that the big story on this procurement thing would be the fact that some American store owner may have recommended the manufacturer (a fact that hasn’t even been confirmed yet). If it involves some of the biggest names in the land, as is later stated, then that would be the big story—how a bunch of aristocratic leaders let their boys march off to war in shoddy uniforms. The readers of the penny papers love a good ‘aristocrats gone bad’ story.

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Mr Selfridge: Scandal!

MR_SELFRIDGE_SERIES2_EP1_49Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry was recruited by the government to go to Germany and spy for a bit, Loxsley started ordering up shoddy equipment for troops in exchange for kickbacks from the manufacturers, and Henri was arrested.

Kitty and Edwards make their way towards the store, Edwards still complaining about censorship, until she jokes a bit and gets him to stop. When they get to the front door, they find the police going in. Edwards immediately takes out his notebook. Heh.

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Mr Selfridge: Harry Selfridge, Secret Agent

mr-selfridge-ep-6-2Previously on Mr Selfridge: Victor inherited his uncle’s restaurant and started dating Agnes; Thackeray started to suspect there’s something seriously fishy about Henri; Harry tried to do more for the war effort, only to be screwed over by Loxsley; and Mardle got an adorable Belgian refugee.

All the German goods are being taken off the store shelves. Farewell nutcrackers and copies of Heidi. Which was written by a Swiss woman, so I’m not sure why that’s getting the axe, but whatever. Miss C, the blonde who’s been working tea with Gordon, thinks it’s a shame to pack away all those lovely toys, because her sister would love some of those. Franco comes down, because he always has massive amounts of free time, and asks out Kitty’s minion, who turns him down because she’s not allowed to date foreign boys. He looks more enraged than disappointed.

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Mr Selfridge: Straight Shootin’

mr-selfridge-ep-5-2Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry wanted to do more for the war effort, most of the men from the store marched off to join the army, Agnes moved into Mardle’s new place, and Henri was paying what looked like quite a lot of money to some sketchy man.

Over breakfast, Agnes gets a letter from George that seems pretty perky, though she’s confused as to why some of it’s blacked out. Agnes worries, and Mardle sweetly reassures her before going to answer the doorbell, where their first Belgian refugee awaits. Instead of the woman they assumed said refugee would be, it’s a rather cute man named Florian.

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Mr Selfridge: Chocolat

mr-selfridge-4Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry persuaded Henri to come back and help Agnes with the Empire Exhibition. Between the two of them, they pulled it off and Harry tried to get him to return on a more permanent basis. Mae found out that her husband’s broke and threatened to spread the news around town, Edwards and Kitty had a cute date, Mardle received an inheritance, and Victor’s clearly still carrying a torch for Agnes.

A newspaperman hawks news of a massacre in Belgium and tells Agnes and George how awful it was.

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Mr Selfridge: Overworked and Overwhelmed

MR_SELFRIDGE_SERIES_2_EP3_05Previously on Mr Selfridge: Mae’s husband turned abusive, Agnes and Grove struggled to keep their heads above water, and Rose tracked down Henri.

Late at night, Agnes puts together some kind of safari-themed display in fashion, complete with stuffed tiger. She looks exhausted.

The next morning, Victor arrives at the store for work, passing by signs announcing the opening of the empire exhibition the following week.

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Mr Selfridge: Labour Relations

MR_SELFRIDGE_SERIES2_EP1_105Previously on Mr Selfridge: The store turned five and Rose came back to London, prompting Harry to try and get his act (and family) back together. Agnes returned from a two-year stint in Paris and pouted because Victor actually got on with his life without her. Mae’s jerkass husband showed up to be hateful and boring, and young Gordon started learning the business from the ground up.

Selfridge workers make their way to work, passing by some union men passing out leaflets. Victor chases a couple away from Agnes and escorts her inside. In the store, the workers gossip over whether or not Harry will go back to America if war breaks out. Crabb announces that Harry’s totally staying put and tells everyone to get to their stations.

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