Mr Selfridge: Scandal!

MR_SELFRIDGE_SERIES2_EP1_49Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry was recruited by the government to go to Germany and spy for a bit, Loxsley started ordering up shoddy equipment for troops in exchange for kickbacks from the manufacturers, and Henri was arrested.

Kitty and Edwards make their way towards the store, Edwards still complaining about censorship, until she jokes a bit and gets him to stop. When they get to the front door, they find the police going in. Edwards immediately takes out his notebook. Heh.

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Mr Selfridge: Harry Selfridge, Secret Agent

mr-selfridge-ep-6-2Previously on Mr Selfridge: Victor inherited his uncle’s restaurant and started dating Agnes; Thackeray started to suspect there’s something seriously fishy about Henri; Harry tried to do more for the war effort, only to be screwed over by Loxsley; and Mardle got an adorable Belgian refugee.

All the German goods are being taken off the store shelves. Farewell nutcrackers and copies of Heidi. Which was written by a Swiss woman, so I’m not sure why that’s getting the axe, but whatever. Miss C, the blonde who’s been working tea with Gordon, thinks it’s a shame to pack away all those lovely toys, because her sister would love some of those. Franco comes down, because he always has massive amounts of free time, and asks out Kitty’s minion, who turns him down because she’s not allowed to date foreign boys. He looks more enraged than disappointed.

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Mr Selfridge: Straight Shootin’

mr-selfridge-ep-5-2Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry wanted to do more for the war effort, most of the men from the store marched off to join the army, Agnes moved into Mardle’s new place, and Henri was paying what looked like quite a lot of money to some sketchy man.

Over breakfast, Agnes gets a letter from George that seems pretty perky, though she’s confused as to why some of it’s blacked out. Agnes worries, and Mardle sweetly reassures her before going to answer the doorbell, where their first Belgian refugee awaits. Instead of the woman they assumed said refugee would be, it’s a rather cute man named Florian.

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Mr Selfridge: Chocolat

mr-selfridge-4Previously on Mr Selfridge: Harry persuaded Henri to come back and help Agnes with the Empire Exhibition. Between the two of them, they pulled it off and Harry tried to get him to return on a more permanent basis. Mae found out that her husband’s broke and threatened to spread the news around town, Edwards and Kitty had a cute date, Mardle received an inheritance, and Victor’s clearly still carrying a torch for Agnes.

A newspaperman hawks news of a massacre in Belgium and tells Agnes and George how awful it was.

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Mr Selfridge: Overworked and Overwhelmed

MR_SELFRIDGE_SERIES_2_EP3_05Previously on Mr Selfridge: Mae’s husband turned abusive, Agnes and Grove struggled to keep their heads above water, and Rose tracked down Henri.

Late at night, Agnes puts together some kind of safari-themed display in fashion, complete with stuffed tiger. She looks exhausted.

The next morning, Victor arrives at the store for work, passing by signs announcing the opening of the empire exhibition the following week.

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The Village: Closure

Bert MiddletonPreviously on The Village: Joe came home, seriously shell-shocked, which ended with him getting shot for desertion.

Old Bert watches video of the village’s World War I memorial being dismantled while he recalls the day and how the villagers insisted on being the ones to do it. Please tell me they reconstructed it. I mean, who the hell just takes down a war memorial like that? That seems so terribly wrong to me.

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The Village: Damages

Shell-shocked Joe MiddletonPreviously on The Village: Joe had a rough time of it at the Front, Caro got an icky new doctor, and John found God.

Old Bert fingers a marble, starts to talk about Joe getting ready to go back to the Front, and then drops the marble (he’s losing his marbles!) The music starts to get a bit concerned.

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The Village: Thy Will Be Done

village-483902808Hey everybody. I know I’ve been totally remiss this week, but I’ve been moving to a new flat. And even though this move (down two floors in the same building) was far less traumatic than the last one (Atlanta to Philadelphia to Scotland), it’s still exhausting, you know? And the new flat’s still chaotic, which drives me nuts, so if I’m a little bitchier than usual in this recap, I’m sorry.

Where were we? Right—Previously on The Village: Caro’s family took her baby away, which upset her quite a bit, as did George’s determination to march off to war, so she begged him to stay. Eyre was less determined to go—so much less so, he had to be forced into it. He went, giving Bert his camera, accompanied by Joe, who came back for a brief leave a fairly haunted man.

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The Village: A Question of Conscience

The Village episode 3-Joe waits to go back to warPreviously on The Village: Caroline’s pregnancy was revealed, and for some reason, everyone assumed that John was the father. Apparently he’s the only man in this village to have ever cheated on his wife. Yes, that’s right, the whole thing revealed John’s big guilty secret: a one-night-stand with his sister-in-law that ended in pregnancy, suicide, and tears. In other news, Prof Douchebag got rejected from the army for being too short, and Martha plumbed new depths of obnoxious, meddling busybodiness.

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The Village: Sins of the Father

The Village, episode 2Previously on The Village: We met some of the most miserable people in Britain. The Middleton family is dysfunctional as hell, which sends eldest son Joe first to the ‘Big House’ (where he has a brief encounter of the sexy kind with rich girl Caroline) and then to war, with his mother’s blessing. Younger son Bert developed a crush on the reverend’s daughter, Martha, who’s got a thing for Joe, and who is, herself, crushed on by one of the Big House sons. Father John is an alcoholic mess, apparently haunted by some guilty memory, and mother Grace is just trying to hold everything together.

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