Jenna Coleman as Victoria in episode 8

Victoria: Young England

Previously on Victoria: Victoria found out she was pregnant, which did not delight her. But the railroad does, as she and Albert start checking out this whole ‘modern living’ thing.

Victoria’s reaching the end of her third trimester, and like many women at that time, she is OVER IT. Also, it’s getting a bit creepy, because the vultures are starting to circle already, the staff are tense, and everyone keeps bringing up Princess Charlotte again and again and again. We GET IT. She died young and tragically in childbirth. How come nobody’s countering that with the many, many women in Victoria’s family who came through it just fine? Like Charlotte’s grandmother, who produced fifteen children without a problem? Or Victoria’s own mother, who obviously survived?

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Ripper Street: Edmund Reid Did This

Previously on Ripper Street: Someone was going around biting people to death, which is bad. Very bad. And that someone has a connection to both Croker and Dove, and Jackson figures out who it is right before they all go to rob the customs house, so now he’s in a tight spot.

Hey, is that Arthurton? Where’s he been? We begin with Drake paying his old co-worker a visit, mostly so poor Drake can have his face smashed in someone else’s incredible happiness. And so Arthurton can tell Drake that the only thing to cling to in this world is someone who loves you. That’s a mean thing to say to someone who’s having serious marital difficulties and clearly has no idea how to fix them (and honestly, neither do I).

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Victoria: The Engine of Change

Previously on Victoria: Victoria and Albert were married, and really enjoying themselves, if you know what I mean. Francatelli did Miss S a solid and admitted he has feelings for her. Albert searched for a cause and started to make nice with Robert Peel.

Unsurprisingly, Victoria’s knocked up, and she does not receive the news with unmitigated joy. It’s not because she hates kids or anything, but because she’s terrified. Rightly so, since she keeps getting reminded (and reminds herself constantly) that the only reason she’s queen is because Princess Charlotte died in childbirth. Horribly. Really horribly. And it’s not like things had gotten all that much better in the intervening years. Victoria also resents everyone treating her like she’s some sort of invalid who needs constant naps and mushy, unpleasant food.

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Victoria: The Queen’s Husband

Previously on Victoria: After a fair bit of wrangling, Victoria and Albert got married. Victoria and Albert get to enjoy a whole two days’ honeymoon before it’s back to business. Well, back to business for her, anyway. All Albert gets to do is wander around the palace, examining the dust and occasionally blot her signature. Joy! It takes about .00003 seconds for him to become … Continue reading Victoria: The Queen’s Husband

Ripper Street: Men of Iron, Men of Smoke

Previously on Ripper Street: Rose and Drake took in little Connor, whom Jackson secretly visits, which does not make Drake happy, when he finds out. Susan’s gotten quite fond of Croker, and vice versa, and Reid might still look into the Isaac Bloom case. Oh, and you may have forgotten (I know I sure did), but waaaay back in season 1, Drake saved a boy, Thomas Gower, from being hanged for murder by enlisting him in the army.

This week, it’s all about surrogate parents/mentors and their relationship with those pesky kids.

First up: Croker. Susan realises he’s been ripping off the Customs House by helping himself to a few things here and there. She goes to work on Croker’s right-hand man/kind of adopted son and gets him to show her how he gets into the Customs House. He does, and she immediately decides to bring Jackson back and rob the place’s strongroom, even though that’s incredibly dangerous. Croker is not on board with this, but she pressures him, using his newfound affection for her as a sort of stand-in daughter.

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