A Royal Love Match?

Katherine Porter, author of a biography of Henry VIII’s sixth wife, Katherine Parr, recently wrote an article about this particular queen for BBC History Magazine’s website. In the article, she breaks down the relationship between Henry and his last wife and suggests the union was far more of a love match than many others believe. At the time of his final marriage, Henry was old, overweight, and infirm, so many other historians believe he was looking more for a companion and nursemaid than a sexual partner when he married Katherine Parr. Porter argues that this isn’t true (and when you think about it, it makes sense. Henry could hire someone to nurse him, he didn’t need to marry a nursemaid.), that Henry’s and Katherine’s relationship was almost certainly sexual, and mutually loving. The royal pair had a great deal in common, and Katherine’s intelligence and dignity must have been a relief to Henry after his disastrous marriage to the young and flighty Katherine Howard. Henry certainly doted on his wife and allowed her to defend herself when some of his advisors accused her of heresy. In return, Katherine was a loving wife and stepmother to Henry’s three children and provided him with a secure and happy family life at the end of his days.

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